Specialty Coffee, discover the top certified origins

Specialty Coffee, discover the top certified origins
Mikah Coffee, what magic it gives! Personal taste aside, here are the most valuable qualities of Specialty Coffee, to enjoy as soon you receive it. There are many farmers working on the field to make this experience special for all of us. A lot of inherited knowledge and hard work is utilised to offer a flawless coffee for unique and sophisticated moments.

From the soil to the cup…!

This magical potion unites the entire world and will indulge you in the pleasure of its notes and warm approach. Now you can enjoy this wonderful experience at your desire and taste it’s most precious qualities.
It’s an affordable precious gift to give.

Mikah Coffee was the first to produce single serving Specialty Coffee, ready to use for both coffee and tea lovers. How would you feel about having all the best origins in the world within your reach? All provided by Mother Nature.
Certified, MIKAH style roasted, prepared, ground and packed for you, in single portions. Gift yourself a special moment, open the sachet, smell and feel the unique aroma and taste this unforgettable experience at any time.

Always fresh, as if it had been ground on demand, thanks to the application of the valve on each single sachet, to better conserve its aromas and characteristics. Treat yourself, start this journey with us and let’s begin preparation

mikah specialty coffee mexico box



Unique plantations from Huatulco at 1200 m in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The finca Cruxititla was founded in the 80s by Mr. Rogelio, since then the organization has grown to include forty-three communities. his goal is to find new and innovative ways to cultivate and market coffee contributing to the development of their community. Enjoy a smooth fruity aroma along with nutty chocolate finish. All in unique sweet taste of chocolate and spices. Great buddy and after taste.




The coffee tradition begins in 1900 when Mr. Abdel-jat Suadi arrived from Jerusalem, baptized later with the name of Suarez. His six children still passionately continue the family tradition. MIKAH welcome you to Boquete region by the Suarez family. This is a washed Catuai variety, known for its sweet and intense aro-ma. Tastes of chocolate & honey with suave and creamy body.


mikah specialty coffee india box



Specialty Devagiri Retreat is originally a 40-year-old Coffee Estate and it’s grounded by the Hodachalli family, with Mr. Nagesh at the helm. The newly integrated Devagiri Retreat Homestay within the coffee estate is a family-operated business providing quality Homestay facilities. enjoy sweet aroma, with notes to citrus and nuts, tabacco & cacao. medium body with great aftertaste for long enjoinment.


mikah specialty coffee indonesia box

At +1300m we found these beautiful plantations in Tanjung Beringin – Indonesia. Providing a delicious and prestige Arabica Blue Batak. Quite a complex fragrance with citrus shades. Soft, balanced and clean test with remarkable acidity. Intense fragrance with papaya notes, grapes, candid fruits and Jasmin flowers. Full, sweet and creamy body for a unique enjoinment.
mikah specialty coffee ethiopia box

In Sidamo region - 1800-2200mslm grown by Mr. Jakenge- local coffee producer. The name Salomon recalls the legendary King Salomon who according to legend built in Sidamo a secret temple hiding inside His crown. After his death the crown was found by a farmer and from that moment the inhabitants began to live in harmony with nature. Indulge your senses with a delicate elegant aroma with notes of lime & Jasmine. While you will have an intense taste, great body and special aftertaste.
mikah specialty coffee tropical symphonies box

A mélange from the world most unique origins.
A balanced blend, roasted with MIKAH style to assure a unique tastes and character in each cup. Let’s start together this journey, open the sachet, smell and taste the marvelous notes and unforgettable emotions.
Like a kiss, close your eyes, begin to compose your tropical symphony…gift yourself an adorable experience at any moment, let’s start preparation and special #MIKAHMOMENTS.

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