Mikah and Reneka: together to spread the art and innovation of coffee in the Gulf countries

Mikah e Reneka: insieme per diffondere l’arte e l'innovazione del caffè nei paesi del Golfo  

A story of passion and research, which meets a story of development and innovation: this is how the partnership between the made in Italy brand Mikah Coffee and the French coffee maker Reneka was born. A partnership, which represents a goal and, at the same time, a new adventure for the Italian brand, ready to distribute the innovative coffee machines in all the Gulf countries. And the Arab countries have always represented an important scenario for Mikah, both for the traditions linked to the origins of coffee, and for the dynamic and diversified economy in expansion: from the agricultural sector, to the pharmaceutical / health sector, to tourism, up to 'artificial intelligence.

reneka coffee machine

In this growth scenario, therefore, the Mikah and Reneka brands arrive to spread together the quality of coffee blends with "elegant goodness" and the efficiency of espresso machines with the iconic elephant. Each model of espresso coffee machine (R80, Viva, Vita, Coppa della vita) is made with cutting-edge technologies which include:

  • The patented dispensing unit Aroma Perfect, for optimal compression pressure: the brew head automatically adapts to the amount of coffee and supports dosage variations;
  • The micro sieve micro-engraved and highly reproducible, to enhance the body and flavors of the coffee, without leaving residues;
  • The system multicaffe, through the filter holder Multicoffee System guarantees maximum flexibility of preparation. Freshly ground coffee, capsules and pods can be used on the same espresso machine, thanks to the patented Aroma Perfect dispenser, which adapts to any type of coffee format;
  • Automatic vaporizer of milk with integrated control system, which interrupts the flow of steam at the preset temperature. Furthermore, the Ventury system ensures its own setting for each type of milk used.

    Performance, ergonomics and design, which enhance the qualities of Mikah coffee blends, with a unique aromatic balance. The Italian brand that for 38 years has guaranteed a variety of coffee beans, ground and combined capsules to lovers of black drinks, is preparing, therefore, with the new partnership to create the perfect combination for the work of coffee "artists".

    Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are already at the top of the list of countries that have chosen the irresistible combination made in Italy and France.

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