HOST 2021: Colors, smiles and coffee! Our experience

HOST 2021: Colori, sorrisi e caffè! La nostra esperienza

A serene atmosphere, made up of smiles and curiosity: this is the spirit with which the Mikah Coffee team returned to HOST. An experience that we were missing and in which we participated with a new exhibition space: a cheerful and colorful stand redesigned in Mikah style.

What would a meeting place be without its visitors? Here, we met our loyal customers and curious customers, who made an intoxicating journey with us into the world of coffee.

The lockdown was a stimulus for us at Mikah to seek new certified origins and to innovate with new products and blends. From this period of experimentation the new Specialty Coffee line was born, a fine selection of certified micro-batch coffees with coffee scoring from 88 to 92 points.

The value of each origin lies in the stories it contains: from that of the soil and environment in which the mother plant is grown, to that of the farmer, who takes care of it naturally, to ensure its quality. Parts of a story to be rediscovered with every taste, through flavors and aromatic notes.

The range of Mikah products dedicated to Bartending is always richer: the new flavors presented in preview at Host 2021 bring our line up to 32 variants of syrups, 7 flavors for fruit pulps and 6 toppings. As per Mikah tradition, all products are characterized by the high quality of the selected raw materials and a high concentration of fruit. A joy for all professionals and Bartenders around the world, who want to make their cocktails exclusive.

One of the best memories at Host 2021 was the experience of our TÜRKÜ N.6, freshly prepared, following the ancient extraction procedure. A journey to distant lands, to discover ancient and oriental flavors, translated into thousands of cups of Turkish coffee offered during the event.

The appreciation of customers and the positive feedback make us happy and proud of the work done in the development of this gourmet blend, made only with selected 100% Arabica coffees. The classic blend was chosen above all by visitors at their first taste, for an authentic experience, while the variants with Cardamom and Mastice di Chios intrigued a more daring and international clientele.

We thank all those who visited our stand, the people who stopped to get to know the brand, and those who came by for a quick espresso.

Thank you so much!

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