Mikah and Blockchain: The Italian Way to Coffee Traceability

Mikah e la Blockchain: La via Italiana per la tracciabilità del Caffè

In the rapidly evolving world of quality coffee, transparency and traceability have become key factors. Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing the origins of the products they purchase and ensuring that the production process is sustainable and responsible. In response to this growing demand, Mikah has introduced an innovative solution: the use of blockchain to trace and certify every batch of their premium organic coffee, "Natura." But what exactly does "blockchain" mean, and how can it improve transparency in coffee production? Let's explore it together.

What Is a Blockchain?

To understand how Mikah is using blockchain to enhance the traceability of their organic coffee "Natura," it's important to have a clear understanding of what a blockchain is.

In very simple terms, a blockchain is an immutable digital ledger that stores transactions in cryptographically linked blocks. These blocks are distributed across a network of decentralized computers, known as "nodes," that work together to confirm and record transactions. Once a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it cannot be altered or deleted, making it extremely secure and reliable.

Mikah's Use of Blockchain

Starting in January 2023, Mikah has integrated blockchain into the production process of their "Natura" coffee to improve traceability and certification for every batch. Here's how it works:

  1. Recording Information: Every phase of the production process, from the cultivation of coffee plants to processing and packaging, is recorded on the blockchain. This information includes data about the location where the coffee is grown, the farming practices used, weather conditions, and more.
  2. Certification and Traceability: Each batch of "Natura" coffee is equipped with a unique identifier, known as a "token" or "smart contract," on the blockchain. This identifier is indicated through a QR code applied to each "Natura" coffee package. When scanned using a smartphone's camera, customers can verify and certify the authenticity of the purchased product and gain insight into the production stages. Furthermore, Mikah has established partnerships with independent certification bodies, and their results are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the quality and sustainability of the product.
  3. Transparency for Consumers: Thanks to the blockchain, customers can access information about the "Natura" coffee production process. This transparency gives consumers confidence that they are purchasing a high-quality and sustainable product.
  4. Fighting Counterfeiting: Blockchain makes counterfeiting products extremely difficult. Each batch of "Natura" coffee has a unique digital identity on the blockchain, which can be easily verified by consumers and industry stakeholders.

Mikah's use of blockchain to trace and certify every batch of organic coffee "Natura" represents a significant step towards greater transparency and accountability in coffee production, as well as a perfect blend of Italian tradition and technological innovation. Thanks to this innovative technology, consumers can be sure they are purchasing not only delicious coffee but also ethical and sustainable coffee.

In summary, blockchain is a technology that is revolutionizing the traceability and certification of products, allowing Mikah to provide not only delicious but also ethical and sustainable organic coffee. This is a win for consumers, the company, and the environment.

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Project realized in collaboration with Flosslab  for the TrackIT  initiative 
Italian Trade & Investment Agency  (ICE)

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