Cold coffee: the recipe for a regenerating summer break

Caffè freddo: la ricetta per una pausa estiva rigenerante

Cold coffee is the regenerating drink with a simple and delicious recipe. Let's find out together this alternative to hot coffee and its tantalizing variations.

Summer is approaching and we can finally say goodbye to the new season with lots of baths, the long-awaited tan and moments of relaxation in company. To cheer up these moments of sharing and can not miss the most loved cup in the world, that of coffee. Although the cup of hot coffee is always in our DNA, today we offer it in a new guise, the cold one just as tasty and regenerating to sip in the middle of the morning or in the evening for a refreshment from high temperatures. Moka on the stove or machine on and let's discover together the procedures of this simple recipe and the variants you will never do without.

Cold coffee, the recipe for a state-of-the-art drink

According to one of the most reliable theories, cold coffee was born around 1840, in Algeria during the colonization of the French and was called Mazagran, a drink made from coffee syrup, cold water and sugar, exported by the French and became a beloved product in the 1920s in the United States.

Why so successful? THE secret lies in its simplicity and its freshness. Preparing a state-of-the-art iced coffee is child's play; just five minutes, a few ingredients and steps that, if followed carefully, will give your iced coffee that extra edge.

To have a tasty iced coffee, the fundamental step is choosing a quality blend (take a look at the intense and fruity ones Mikah). Once you have prepared the coffee as usual, place the 5, 10 or 15 cups, depending on the number of your guests or your sweet tooth, in a container. Sweeten while it is still hot or leave it bitter, pour the contents into a glass bottle and after letting it cool, put it in the fridge. Et voilà, your cold drink is ready to be served to guests or to enjoy a solo break.

varietà di caffè freddo: con panna, granita, frappuccino, con latte

The variants of cold coffee

Cold coffee is a drink that lends itself to tasty variations: from that with cream to that shaken and with ice, up to frappuccino; let's find them all.

Iced coffee recipe with cream

Lovers of cream and coffee cannot miss the perfect combination of this variant of cold coffee. Prepare two cups of coffee and put them to cool in the fridge; when it is cold, place it in a glass bottle with two tablespoons of liquid sugar or powdered sugar and lastly add 200 ml of cold cream (not whipped). Shake for five minutes and serve with cocoa on top; the gluttonous mixture with the consistency of a cloud, will send you into ecstasy.

Cold coffee with ice

Iced coffee with ice is a must in Italy and its fame is due to the quick preparation with three ingredients: coffee, ice and sugar. The secret to a successful iced coffee with ice is timeliness: as soon as it is ready, just pour the hot coffee into a cup with 3-4 ice cubes and consume it quickly before the melted ice makes it too liquid. An extra something to this preparation is the addition of almond milk; you will see what a taste!

granita di caffè mikah in bicchiere

Coffee slush

Coffee granita is another very popular variant of iced coffee. For this delicious recipe you will need to mix 250 ml Arabica coffee with a syrup previously prepared with 250 ml water and 70 g sugar. After mixing the ingredients, place them in a container in the freezer. Remember to mix the contents every half hour so that it does not solidify completely. After two hours it will be ready to be enjoyed in the company of other gluttons, perhaps accompanied by whipped cream and a brioche.

Shaken coffee

Shaken coffee is the most loved and requested in bars. To prepare it you will need a shaker where you can put ice 200 g and liquid cane sugar 50 g and lastly the espresso coffee 100 g at room temperature. Give it in and shake properly, being careful not to break the ice, to have a creamy cold coffee like the one at the bar. Serve on an iced cup placed in the freezer and sip after a long day for a relaxing break.

Frappuccino cold coffee, the delicious recipe

The frappuccino is a very delicious cold cappuccino, suitable for an exceptional snack and to recharge lost energy; it is prepared by pouring 200 ml of milk, two cups of coffee and 3 tablespoons of sugar into a blender, blend and add the ice cubes last, which will give the typical freshness. Pour the mixture into a tall glass and decorate it with spray cream, chocolate or hazelnut topping and drink strictly with a straw.

If you want to prepare cold coffee for small moments of pleasure, the Mikah blends ground and in capsules will be your allies for a cold, heat-proof drink. Each cup of cold coffee prepared with the Mikah selection will have a unique bouquet and notes: the Milan No.7 for a full-bodied cold coffee, Vivaldo N.3 for a drink with chocolate notes, Opera N.1 for a sweet coffee with the scent of a freshly baked cream loaf. A cold decaf? Test Piccanto N.5 and enjoy it even on a hot summer night.

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